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Welcome to Zuarbase, home of Zuar application hosting. To get to your Mitto or Portal application, use the name provided by your customer support representative (e.g. yourcompanyname.zuarbase.net)
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Mitto Data Staging Platform

Connect, Transform & Automate the flow of all your data into a single destination for analytics.

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Mitto is an automated data pipeline that stages data for analytics. Easily integrate data from multiple sources into a database and prepare it for analysis. We set up everything for you as a service, in the cloud or on-premise.

Mitto Documentation

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The WAF is a web proxy that handles all security (authorization & authentication) for Zuar applications.

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WAF Documentation

Zuar Rapid Portal

Maximize your data, your insights, and your brand.

Portal with embedded dashboard

Launch a branded analytics solution

White label Tableau to maximize the impact of your visual analytics, improve end user experience, and enhance your brand.

Provide easy access to key stakeholders.

Securely expose Tableau to customers, executives, partners, field sales, or anyone remote. Allow end users to access your insights at any time, from anywhere without a VPN or MDM.

Create a central destination where analytics meets workflow.

Quickly embed Tableau into applications you already use, like Salesforce. Access all of your analytics in a single destination with a streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.

Zuar Custom Portal

Transform reporting and dashboard content into a powerful web application.

Build your analytics headquarters.

Move beyond stand-alone dashboards by combining Tableau, multi-media, data tables, and any web based information in a single page. Dynamically filter everything.

Simplify and focus your content.

Rather than sorting through a myriad of content, surface exactly what your customers want to see - guiding them with custom navigation.

Turn creatives into builders.

Build a beautiful experience with the drag & drop interface. Universal web languages (CSS, HTML, JS) give you complete control to customize everything from branding and styling to user interaction.